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My brother and I have owned a retail business downtown for more than ten years now and we recently decided to build a website through which hoped to expand our sales, by reaching the millions of people across the country through the internet.

Therefore, we got together and began planning how our new website was going to look, we started writing the text for it, and we began taking pictures of the inventory to post on the site.

When all was said and done, we had spent more than ten thousand dollars building our site and when we were done we were ready to handle one hundred orders a day. However, to our surprise we did not get a single sale, in fact we didn't even get a single visitor the web site. Hence, you can guess that the next thing we did was, we sat down and drew up a detailed plan for website promotion so we can get more traffic and through the increased traffic we were hoping to get more sales.

However, given the fact that we are not search engine optimization experts and we did not know the first think about how to improve search engine ranking, our search engine promotion idea produced no results either. Therefore, left with no choice we decided to hire a professional SEO company to do our website optimization for us.

Thank God, that search engine optimization firm, was able to help us get more visitors to our site, making is more money than we had ever made in our business.

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